Attend a One-of-a-kind Event

Come out and sweat it out with us for any of our great causes!

Each one of our events develops a unique personality. You’ll never do the same workout twice. Come celebrate all the amazing ways that people support other people.

What can you expect at FitGive event? You can expect variety, a heart-pumping good time, and some heartfelt good deeds all wrapped into one. In most cases, we will have limited equipment, so we’ll use body weight to offer both strength and cardio components of a workout. We partner with incredible fitness instructors from all disciplines to offer a wide variety of formats and motivation.

We may get our down dog ON and practice yoga. We may find some “swagger” and booty shake at a Hip Hop or Zumba dance fitness classes. Get ready to smile wide and belly laugh! We make sure we offer options that all ages, fitness levels, shapes, and sizes can handle.

If we are indoors at a gym or studio, we might use equipment – weights, BOSU balls, medicine balls, rowers, treadmills, indoor cycling bikes. We’ll make sure you are prepared. We may ask you to bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water. Leave the rest up to us!

You’ll leave each event with a tired body and a full heart knowing that you did something to make a difference in another life. These workouts are like no other. While your body may feel the effects for a day or two, your mind will remember it for years to come!

Check out our events below:

Megan’s enthusiasm and energy made our Chicago Kidsave GetUp GetFit fundraiser an amazing success! Thank you Megan for making fundraising much easier and stress-free for busy volunteers like me!

Ramya B. Tallarovic

Chicago Kidsave Coordinator



Megan not only delivered a great class physically, but her research and motivational messages during the class created a connection with the participants that reached deep into the emotional center of everyone in attendance.

Joe Noga

Cycling Team Lead, Susan G. Komen, Ride for the Cure 

FitGive was a perfect solution to not only raise money, but also awareness of the food insecurity so many face. Her high energy in promoting and planning equaled her enthusiasm during the workout. I truly believe exceeding the financial goal can be attributed to one thing – Megan Wenstrup

Karen Mulcrone

St. Cletus Food Panty Volunteer

Megan Wenstrup has an amazing ability to connect and motivate people. Her classes are fun, uplifting, and exhausting in a great way. With Megan’s help I lost over 100 pounds. She has made a huge impact in my life. She is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever met.

Adam Kaplan

Client, Class Regular, Dedicated Participant

Partnering with FitGive was a great experience. Megan took the time to get to know our cause, so that the event wasn't only about fundraising, but also a platform for education and awareness. This partnership allowed us to reach an audience that we would not have otherwise. The planning process was low maintenance but detailed, and the overall energy of the class on site surpassed our expectations. We will be repeat clients!

Tom Stanton

Executive Director, Danny Did Foundation

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